The Palpur Fort A Kuno Wildlife Resort


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Our Story

Nature, adventure, beauty and more!

Embedded within the ancient walls of Palpur Fort lies a narrative spanning generations. Our story intricately weaves together the legacy of Palpur, a former princely state, and the genesis of Kuno National Park, a sanctuary for endangered species.
Palpur Fort stands tall, bearing witness to the foresight of our ancestors, the Royal Family of Palpur. Their visionary initiative played a pivotal role in the establishment of Kuno National Park, entailing the voluntary relocation of 25 villages. This decision stemmed from an unwavering dedication to safeguarding India’s invaluable wildlife.
Every stone of Palpur Fort resonates with this illustrious history. Like silent sentinels, they reflect the vibrant hues of the nearby Kuno River, whose tranquil waters flow in harmony. Tales of daring encounters with the legendary “Dakus,” once notorious bandits of these lands, further enrich the fort’s narrative with intrigue.
Yet, time often obscures even the most profound tales. The sacrifices endured by both the royal family and the villagers to create Kuno National Park gradually faded from memory. Thus, The Palpur Fort emerged—a beacon preserving this rich heritage, where the forgotten treasures of the past find resurgence.

Introducing "The Palpur Fort A Kuno Wildlife Resort"

Born out of a fervent desire to revive a rich heritage, The Palpur Fort A Kuno Wildlife Resort stands as a testament to this vision. Nestled as a gateway to the captivating Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh, aptly nicknamed the “House of Cheetahs,” it embodies the essence of the land it inhabits.
Each brick of the Palpur Fort resonates with our profound affection for this region. The meticulously crafted interiors provide a haven of comfort, beckoning you to escape the frantic pace of daily life.
Beyond merely accommodation, The Palpur Fort promises an immersive experience. We extend an invitation to embark on a journey that seamlessly intertwines the splendor of history with the tranquility of nature. Come and discover the enchantment of The Palpur Fort, where history softly murmurs, nature flourishes, and you can rediscover yourself.


Nature, adventure, beauty and more!

Our Vision for The Palpur Fort is multifaceted, encompassing the preservation of historical legacy, a commitment to sustainable practices, and the creation of unforgettable experiences rooted in the rich heritage of the region, all while immersing visitors in the beauty of Kuno National Park.