The Palpur Fort A Kuno Wildlife Resort

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Forts and Palaces

Palpur Fort or Garhi

This 17th-century fort offers beautiful views of the surrounding area and gives insight into the region’s rich history. It is a historic landmark that showcases impressive architecture in a scenic natural setting.
Distance from the resort: 15 km

Amet Fort

Description: Built in the 16th century, Amet Fort is renowned for its intricate architecture and beautiful gardens. It reflects the grandeur of the bygone era and offers visitors a glimpse into royal lifestyles.
Distance from the resort: 15 km

Maitoni Fort

Description: Believed to have been constructed during the Mahabharata era by the Pandavas, Maitoni Fort is an ancient structure shrouded in myth and history, with specific details about its distance not known yet.

Natural Sites

Kair-Khoh& Gravity Pipeline

Description: This engineering marvel includes a gravity pipeline demonstrating human ingenuity in managing water resources. It offers a unique perspective on the geography of the region surrounding Kuno National Park.
Distance from the resort: 45 km

Dev Kho

Description: Dev Kho is a natural spring with crystal-clear water, popular among locals and visitors for picnics and swimming. It provides a serene spot to relax amidst natural surroundings.

Distance from the resort: 14 km

Dobkund Waterfall

Description: This seasonal waterfall transforms into a mesmerizing cascade during the monsoon season. A Jain temple located nearby adds to the cultural significance of the place.
Distance from the resort: 32 km

Gadhi Sanctuary

Description: Gadhi Sanctuary is a wildlife haven, home to numerous species of flora and fauna. It’s a must-visit for nature enthusiasts and wildlife photographers.
Distance from the resort: 30 km


Description: Aamjhir is a lovely waterfall surrounded by greenery, creating a peaceful environment to enjoy the park’s natural beauty and relax.

Distance from the resort: 12 km

Bhanwar Kho, Maratha Kho, Daulatpura

Description: These ancient step-wells are examples of traditional water management systems. They provide insights into historical engineering and are cultural landmarks in the region.
Distance from the resort: 25 km

Bamboo Trail

Description: This scenic trail through dense bamboo forests offers a unique hiking experience, showcasing the natural beauty and biodiversity of the region.
Distance from the resort: 20 km

Religious Sites

Dev Kund

Description: Dev Kund is a sacred pond with religious significance, attracting pilgrims and locals alike. It serves as a spiritual oasis amidst the natural landscape.
Distance from the resort: 90 km

Jain Mandir

Description: An ancient Jain temple showcasing intricate religious architecture, Jain Mandir highlights the cultural diversity and heritage of the region.
Distance from the resort: 110 km

Natni Kho

Description: A cave with prehistoric paintings, NatniKho offers a fascinating glimpse into the region’s earliest inhabitants.

Chhoti Madareshwar Dham

Description: Chhoti Madareshwar Dham is a revered religious site surrounded by lush green hills. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is a place of tranquility and devotion.
Distance from the resort: 28 km


Ransinh Baba Temple & Dhoret Temple

Description: These temples honor local deities and are popular places for people on spiritual journeys. Visitors can gain insights into the local culture and have meaningful spiritual experiences at these sites.
Distance from the resort: Ransinh Baba Temple – 100 km, Dhoret Temple – distance information needed